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Northfleet Work Club for those seeking help with employment.

Northfleet is at the centre of possibly the most exciting ‘Construction’ employment opportunities in the UK and there has never been a better time for our local people to seek employment in the Construction Industry.

Getting a first foot on the ladder can be difficult especially as most firms require applicants to have a CSCS Card.   Holding a CSCS card is a way to demonstrate competence as a construction worker to potential employers and the majority of job advertisements state that being in possession of a CSCS card is a key requirement. Completing the required training, taking the test and paying to gain the qualification can be very expensive and for some people it is a serious problem, especially if they are unemployed or in a low skilled or low paid job.

Northfleet Central CIO has joined with Kent Adult Education,  EDIFY (a local training organisation ) and CVSNWK  to launch a scheme that provides FREE training and a FREE CSCS card to selected Northfleet Residents. On offer will be either classroom or online training and simple test and certificate arrangements.

This ambitious scheme will provide selected Northfleet residents who complete the training and successfully pass the test with the opportunity to apply for well paid, local work and hopefully play a part in building their own future and the future of Northfleet.

Our Northfleet Work club meets at St Botolph’s Church Hall
The Hill, Northfleet
Wednesdays 11am – 1pm

If you are looking for a job, we can help you with:

Internet Access
Writing your CV
Job Searches
Applying for jobs
Interview Skills

In addition to this, if you are looking for work in the construction industry and are unable to get an interview because you don’t have a CSCS card, we can also help.

If you live in Northfleet, are unemployed, in a low skilled or low paid job, you may qualify for free CSCS training and a free CSCS card.

To find out more visit our Northfleet Work Club, call 07432 858794 or email

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