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Another Successful week of the Summer Sports Programme Completed!

Well, what a Summer!

The 2021 Summer Schools Activity Programme has come to a close and what amazing fun it has been. Children from Copperfield, Painter’s Ash, Springhead and Lawn have between them had over 450 days of sports, games and laughter provided by the excellent coaches from HW Schools Skills.

The coaches have been amazing, challenged at times by the different levels of ability and the different ages of the children. They have excelled in motivating the children, providing interesting and exciting activities and many, many days of fun-filled activity that has seen the children develop new skills and new confidence.

Trustees from Northfleet Central CIO joined each school for the last hour and it was very clear by the enthusiasm and sheer enjoyment on the face of each and every child that the experience had been well worth the effort it took to organise and coordinate the sessions.

Each child received a medal and a certificate, a proud moment for them as they went forward to be presented Olympic style and to be cheered on by all of their friends.

Our thanks to the various school staff who helped with the arrangements, to the coaches for their incredible dedication and energy, but above all our thanks to the children for their laughter, their friendliness and their willingness to take on new challenges. To see the older ones, encourage the younger ones, to watch the sportsmanship and team spirit was a great honour.

The activities were totally free for all children and NCCIO paid for any costs incurred by the schools. We are grateful for the financial support provided by Kent Community Fund.

Thanks children of Northfleet you were all stars!

Another successful week of the Summer Sports Programme completed ⚽️🎾🥅🤸🥇Provided by Northfleet Central CIO for the children of Northfleet.

Week 1 was hosted by Copperfield Academy and week 2 was at the Painters Ash Primary School 👧🧑‍🦰🧑‍🦱👱 A total of 54 children from Year 1 to Year 5 enjoyed activities with the HW School Skills Team, who ensured the children were kept entertained all week with various sporting and team building fun 😀

Feedback received was that everyone enjoyed their week of activities, especially the prize giving at the end of the week 🏆

This week it has been the turn of children at Lawn, – great weather, great fun and three marvellous and enthusiastic coaches from HW School Skills.

A wide variety of games and sports, every child joined in with great enthusiasm and the fun they had was written all over their laughing faces.

Jag Klair, one of the NCCIO Trustees joined the medal ceremony!

Funded by Northfleet Central CIO and supported by Kent Community Foundation the purpose of the activities is to give the children of Northfleet the chance to enjoy playing different games, to make friends and to let off steam after the awful year we have all had.

Everything was free for the children and at no cost to the schools

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